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For The Future of Pattonville's Students

Dr. Summer Johnson is a career professional who has dedicated her life and career to making the lives of children and their families happier and more productive.

Why I Love Pattonville!

I’ve spent a career working with children all over the state of Missouri, and there are none like the amazing, inspiring children of Pattonville!

I made my home in Pattonville and chose to raise my son here because I believe in the promise of the future of our school district; I’m running to be a member of the school board because I believe we all have a role to play in making sure our children have all the opportunities they deserve. I hope you’ll  choose to support me as I embark on this journey!

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Help Dr. Summer Make Pattonville All It Can Be!

Dr. Summer Johnson is a champion and advocate for children of all ages, having dedicated her life and career to helping them live their best lives. Now she’s bringing her expertise and passion for the children of Pattonville to the school board race and needs your support! 


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I want to hear from as many Pattonville residents as possible – use the form below to tell me what you want out of a school board representative, what you hope for the families and children of Pattonville, or anything else at all and I’ll work to address your concerns as soon as possible!


Dr. Summer On The Issues:

Equity and accountability between and among district schools
Often times, school boards and school board candidates speak of equity in reference to marginalized groups within schools.  While this is important, I have noticed that there are inequities between district elementary and middle schools.  I seek to ensure that those schools in need receive the resources required to make them as competitive as their counterparts.
Trauma informed practices when working with our most vulnerable children and families
The district is physically in a place that is attracting families from more diverse backgrounds.  This includes families with exposure to any number of traumatic issues that have impacted their lives.  It is important for district personnel to treat these families with a good deal of empathy and sensitivity to ensure that their needs are adequately met.
Collaboration with community agencies to provide real world experiences for our youth
Pattonville has done well to help graduating students identify their chosen career paths.  A student’s experience of their chosen vocation can be enhanced with the ability to spend time with individuals within the community who are within that field.  Pattonville should work to establish further relationships with agencies who can help to provide this kind of exposure to our children.
Improved identification of children with special needs
Special needs include more than just educational factors.  Ways in which learning disabilities are identified have changed over the past few years and there are more children who may now qualify for services.  This should include provisions for medical, mental health, and psychosocial factors impacting a child’s ability to learn.
Increased cultural diversity within faculty and staff
The district should absolutely be proud of its level of cultural diversity and it frequently touts this accomplishment.  Diversity within its personnel, however, comes nowhere close to that within its student body. It is important for students of all ethnicities to see representations of themselves within the faculty and staff to help establish their identities and to help expand their sense of what could potentially be achieved as individuals